art is the soul made visible

art is the soul made visible

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Self Care Zine Freebie

Hello Friends!
Thank you for visiting my new blog!  I am planning to use this space to share about my life, my art, my beloved Buggle and more.  I am also hoping to share things that will be (hopefully) of use to others.  For example, today I have a self care zine for you to print out (and... it's FREE-Yaaaaaayyyyy!!)  Of course, I couldn't just write out a list of self care needs...I had to art it up and make a little book.  EVERYTHING becomes art for me.

For those that don't already know me...HI! My name is Bunny.  I am a disabled artist living in beautiful San Diego, CA with my beloved cat Buggle.  I have been coping with anxiety and depression for...well- forever.  This little project is something I made  as a coping tool. I am making it available for anyone who wants a copy, but please (a little disclaimer here)  know that I am NOT a mental health professional. (Unfortunately)  I am not able to help anyone else with mental health issues (I wish I could, but I am just not qualified to do so).

This zine can be cut and folded to make a little book that you can keep with you to help keep you on track with your self-care. I have been struggling with self care a little bit lately and created this little zine as a way to help myself.  I hope that it helps you too!!  I will share how I filled out my book   in case you can't come up with any self care tools  of your own at the moment.

One thing I need to do daily for good self care is:  get enough sleep!!
Something that helps when I'm down is:  coloring in a coloring book.
Something that helps when I'm stressed is:  organizing my art supplies.
A self care tool I want to try is:  bed yoga.
Someone I can call when I need support:  Juli!
One self care task I could get better at is:  healthy eating.
A tried and true self care tool is:  making art!

Do you have favorite self care activities?  Did you find my zine useful?  Feel free to share in the comments section below!

Below is a link that will show you how to fold and cut your zine to make it into a neat little book.  You could also cut each little page out and paste into a little handmade book if you prefer a different look (example below).  Or get creative and find your own way of making it into a book (please share if you do!!)

Click the link below to print and/or download your copy!  (I am working on getting a clickable image rather than a link-sorry for the inconvenience)

Check out this link for a nifty way to turn your printed self care paper into a groovy little book.

Here is a photo of my cut and folded zine:

And here are photos of another book I made using this printable PDF.  In this book I used some scraps from a manila folder as my base pages and then taped my printed pages into it with decorative tapes.  I then stamped the edges with hand carved stamps and added some gel pen and marker doodles.  I think it came out really cute for such a quick project!  Right now (for me) anything I can do to motivate myself to bump up my self care efforts is helpful!!

Feel free to print out as many zines as you like!  Give them to friends and family if you wish.  This printable zine has been created as a gift, so please-personal use only, do not sell or otherwise use it to profit yourself. Thank you!!

And finally...this is my first blog post, first time creating a PDF, etc.  So, I'm still learning!  If you have any problems let me know and I will do my best to sort it out as quickly as possible.  And a big THANK YOU to all my loved ones for your unwavering support and encouragement which gives me wings to SOAR!!


  1. Love this Bunny! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Love your blog Bunny, its sure to be very popular. This little gift is so precious, thank you!

  3. Thanks for your support Angella!! xo

  4. Way to go Bunny!! To use your struggles to benefit others is an awesome act of generosity and love! What a way to share your heart!! ((((Hugs))))

  5. I'll be following you here too! x

  6. Thanks Micheal and Nia! I so appreciate your support! xo