art is the soul made visible

art is the soul made visible

Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Journaling Practice, Working with Resistance, & a Big Thank You to Suzi Blu

This past year I started doing written journaling again.  Suzi Blu started a journaling "course" (it's more than that...hard to pin it down with a single word/phrase) this past year called "Paint & Chronicle".  Here's a link for anyone who wants to check it out: Suzi Blu's Paint & Chronicle: My Sacred Narrative   She has weeks 1-19 available, and you can start at any time (you don't have to wait for January  or any other special time to dive in). I highly recommend checking it out. Unfortunately (but understandably) due to personal circumstances she is unable to continue offering this wonderful course. I have been so inspired by the course (and her and her art) that I don't want to lose that momentum.  So, I've decided to create my own journaling practice.  I've no intention to create the next "Paint & Chronicle" or  take Suzi's place in the journaling world  or anything like that (as if I could even if I wanted to!).  What I *do* want to do is take some of the tools I learned from P&C and incorporate them into a "new-tailor-made-for-me" journaling practice.

Some of the qualities of P&C that I want to carry over into my "new" journaling practice are:

1.  Having a focus and using writing prompts

2.  Using journaling as a tool for taking real action in life

3.  Combining written journaling, art journaling, & scrapbooking all in one journal

Here are my pages for the week.  As you can see my scanning job was less than perfect-oh well!

I liked that Suzi had broken up P&C into weeks.  Each month had a theme and each week had it's own prompts and/or actions.  In my new journaling practice I won't have a monthly theme, but will go week by week.  Each week I will pick a theme.  For me, going week by week will allow me to work with an issue/topic for as long or short amount of time as I need.  When I've done all the work  I need to do with a topic then I'll pick a new one for the next week.  For example this week I am choosing to work with the topic of "resistance".  I will work with it for as many weeks as I need to and then choose a new topic.  (By the way, don't ask why I chose a circus theme...I don't actually like the circus due to the animal cruelty...funny Bunny!)

I've been noticing a lot of resistance in my life lately.  Resistance to meditation, to yoga, to having a regular bedtime, etc.  Soooooooo many things I'm resisting lately!  Good, healthy things that I WANT in my life! So, this is a great place for me to start in my "new" journaling practice.  Suzi picked a quote each week to go with her theme.  I realized I really like adding inspiring quotes to my pages and will continue to do that.  I also liked that she used writing prompts to go with the themes-to give some direction.  Prior to P&C my journaling was all stream of consciousness type writing.  I found the prompts really helpful and will come up with my own each week.

My prompts are written underneath a flip out card I taped into my journal spread:

This week my writing prompts are:

1. Where in my life am I experiencing resistance?

2.  What are my reasons for resistance in each area of my life?

3.  Where am I most stuck?

4.  What can I do to break through the resistance and become unstuck?

5.  What are some ways I can reward myself for reaching my goals along the way to "unstuckness"?

This is how I've been working in my journal, and will continue to work.  I am working in a 8.5 x 11 (I think) size Moleskine sketchbook.  I tape in graph paper (something I learned from Suzi) to do my writing on.  I have been taping two or three pages on top of each other onto the sketchbook page.  I then do some sort of artwork on the underneath Moleskine paper.  I sometimes tape in decorative papers or lists or random other things too.  Today I taped in a pic of a bird from a magazine which I plan to use as a drawing reference. In the pics below you can see how I set up my page(s) for the day. (Sorry for the crappy's very overcast today and I just couldn't get a good pic to save my life.  And you saw how the scanning went! ha!

By the self care list and self esteem list (which I've taped into my journal) are printable and available to you HERE on my blog (for free)  if you want a copy(s).

So, there you go! I hope you enjoyed hearing about my journaling practice.  I would love to hear about how you journal! Feel free to write about your own journaling practice in the comments (or write about anything at all that you feel moved to write about). And a big giant THANK YOU to Suzi Blu for 6 months of Paint & Chronicle!!  I credit Suzi and P&C for getting me back into written journaling and for sooooooo much inspiration!  I learned a lot, accomplished a lot, did a lot of growing, and so much more over these past 6 months. And I've made some wonderful friends through P&C, including Suzi herself.  Thank you so very much dear Suzi!!  Much love!  

Please do check out these links to Suzi's work.  She is an incredible artist who sells all sorts of cool stuff...rubber stamps, original art, and you can even take an online class with her!


  1. So much amazing goodness in this post!!
    Love your pages and prompts. So very timely for me right now! Thank you Bunny!!
    Love that you are linking to Suzi as well.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. :) If you find the secret to dealing with resistence be sure to let me know-haha! xoxo